About The University

Yerevan State Medical University (YSMU) in Armenia is a highly reputed university in the world and is one of the best in Eastern Europe. YSMU is enlisted in the directory of Higher Medical Institutions of WHO and approved by Medical Council of India. Yerevan State Medical University was established in 1930 and has trained about 40,000 Physicians from 40 countries

According to the National Education Standards of the USA in the list of rating of Medical schools, the YSMU is the 35th in the rank order among the leading International Universities.

NIS Research Fund has published the rating of the most prestigious institutions, where the YSMU is mentioned among the best 10 Universities.


YSMU is recognized by the Medical Council of India, Act of 1956, (Gazette of India, Part II, Sec. 1, Extra, S.No. 83, dt. 31.12.1956)

The prospective student should obtain Eligibility Certificate issued by Medical Council of India before joining the University.

After completion of the graduate course, one has to appear for screening test conducted by National Board of Examination, New Delhi.

Since the Medical Course in Yeravan State Medical University (YSMU) is being taught in English medium, it will be easy for the YSMU medical graduates to get through the screening Examination.

Many YSMU graduates are working successfully in various prestigious hospitals in India, UK, USA, Europe and Middle East Countries.


1. Age: 17 years and above

2. 60% marks in PCB in aggregate with English


Academic year consists of 36 weeks. It is divided into two terms. The 2nd September and ends on 10th of January (18 Weeks), the second tern starts on 7th of February and ends on 10th of June (18 weeks). The term ends with tests and exams. The duration of vacations is 10 weeks (2 weeks in winter and 8 weeks in summer). 


The University has more than 15 specialized Clinical Hospitals, where medical students are well trained. They are given an opportunity to provide competent medical services to the public as well as to carry out practical research work. In different specialized clinics, foreign students are also familiarized with out-patient services as well as more complicated cases in the concerned departments. 


Foreign students are provided with accommodation until the end of their education. During the first year of studies, the students are accommodated in the University hostel very close to the University campus. The hostel rooms are very specious, comfortable and provided with basic necessities.

There is also separate accommodation for girls.

Indian foods are available in the mess and Restaurants.


The Medical Library of the University is one of the richest libraries. Being well equipped with modern technology, the library enables the students to obtain the latest information available on the internet. The research and academic stock is extremely rich.

Today it comprises, 6,50,200 volumes, consisting of 1,70,000 text books and hand-outs, 44,500 monographs, reference books and periodicals.


Students of this University can easily get Visa and go to USA, UK, Australia etc., to do further studies or work as Doctors. The scientific rapport of the YSMU are very close with Medical Universities such as University of Aix Marcellus II (France) Thomas Jafferson University (USA), Columbia University (USA), AIIMS & ICMR (India) etc.

During their study the students are visiting USA, UK and Australia during the vacation. The students can easily obtain USA, UK and Australia Visas while they stay in the University. So many of our Tamilnadu students visited USA and worked there during the vacation.


Location: Eastern Europe

Capital: Yerevan

State Religion: Christianity

Armenia is a full member of the Council of Europe. Armenia, one of the progressive countries of Eastern Europe is situated on one of the most important geographical crossroads. Armenia is called a museum in the open air. There are more than 4 thousand stone monuments in this area.

Armenia is located between Caspian and Black seas bordering Turkey, Syria, Iran and Georgia. Armenia became the first nation of adopt Christianity in 301 A.D. as its state religion.


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